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Customer Services 2nd Floor, NBL Warehouse Building, Plot # 1 & 2 C Group, Mai Kola chi Road, Karachi Pakistan Transaction Date Fax×. 92-21-99201632 DISPUTED TRANSACTION DETAILS Amount (Rs) Amount
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Hey what's up guys today I want to explain to you how AliExpress works now AliExpress is kind of like Amazon eBay can buy, but it's more like Amazon if anything AliExpress is an online retailer site that sells clothes shoes purses electronics anything you want just like Amazon eBay does about 90% of every seller on AliExpress is based in China since that's where AliExpress is based at I found at least maybe one or two different sellers from a different country but a majority of them are all from China now you might ask since these items are coming from China are they real are they fake well I'm going to keep it real with you about 90% of these items are replicas and what I rep is a copy of the original item made by a different person not the original maker these items or as you could say fake but nowadays, it's kind of hard to tell the fake from the real unless you really pay close attention some of these items are real garbage and some of them are perfect to tea, but that's all depends on you and the seller that you buy from now just like eBay and Amazon it's all about the seller ratings whenever you buy a product off AliExpress is 3 things you got to into consideration number one the seller read the seller rating is the number one most important thing when you're buying from this website as you can see this seller right here has a feedback score of 74 and in the past six months they have a ninety-six point two percent feedback rate now that's pretty great okay now how AliExpress breaks down their feedback score is in three categories number one I am as described number two communication number three shipping speed as you can see this seller has an item description of four point eight out of 53 rails, and they're 14% higher than any other seller as you can see also this other communication is four point seven out of fifty-two rails and their communication is thirteen point eight percent higher than other sellers on this site same thing with shipping as you can see this is what you need to go off of every time you buy any item from AliExpress now as you can see this seller right here is a pretty bad seller, but the scores are high with this seller because of many reasons one is a mixture between good reviews and bad reviews but as you can see this seller just like the other seller has a feedback score of 112 which is higher than the last seller it has a positive feedback within the past six months a 95.1% but like I said this is how AliExpress breaks down their feedback reigns its in three categories number one I am description is one point ninety-one percent lower than other sellers now this seller has a communication rate of 5.7% lower than other sellers along with shipping being two point two six percent lower than other sellers now this seller I will avoid because most of the gradients are horrible they are high numbers but as you can see they're in the low, so I will avoid from this person and to be honest with you, I ain't boy I am from...
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